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Starting December 16, 2014, Storm Island, an expansion pack for Forza Horizon 2, is available for purchase on the Xbox One Store. The players are waiting new events, vehicles, upgrades and ubiquitous extreme road conditions.

Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island

Forza Horizon 2 Storm Island – Reiew:

Starting December 16, Forza Horizon 2 Racing Game Expansion Storm Island will be available on the Xbox Store. Occupying just over 3 GB of data, the Add-On is intended only for the Xbox One version. In return, it offers a completely new location-the eponymous Storm Island, characterized by a rather stormy climate and diverse terrain. So it should come as no surprise that the expansion puts a special emphasis on racing in extreme conditions, and one of the most important innovations is new weather phenomena, including dense fog and, of course, powerful storms. This involves the addition of new graphic effects, such as the sun’s rays breaking through the fog or trees swaying during a storm.

Other changes are also associated with the decidedly hostile conditions of the Storm Island. Among the 90 events introduced in the DLC, there will be 5 completely new ones: Rampage, Brawl, Extreme Cross Country, Cross Country Circuit and probably the main course Gauntlet, which is a long night race from point A to B during a powerful storm and with a minimum number of characters leading the player – its completion is supposed to be quite a challenge.

In addition, the Add-On introduces new content for Online GamePlay: 4 arenas for Playground Mode, 20 routes and 4 exclusive championships for online GamePlay, 6 Gauntlet events and 3 Showdown events. There are also new vehicles, 5 of which we know, and the latter is hidden in the game. There will also be new improvements to the car to help players adapt to the harsh conditions of Storm Island (suspension, tires and Gears).Some cars will also receive sets of aesthetic improvements, maintained in the style of the rally.

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